About Gili Air

About Gili Air

Gili Gili Air is the closest to the island of Lombok. Gili Air which is the most populous island and here we will see more trees than the other Gili. Pendduduk in Gili Air consists of Mandar, Sasak, Bugis and Makassar. We will see their unique culture and beauty of the charming coastal water Gli. Many parents work as a driver in there boats, fishing,

Gili Air only a few hotels that have luxury amenities like Swimming Reneng, air conditioning, TV, etc.. Hotels and Accommodation in Gili Air are mostly located in the south, east and west of the island. Gili Air is very quiet so popular as the island of Gili Air Honeymoon destination for couples who want tranquility with a partner.

The island has a population of about 1000 people is great for snorkeling off the coast of the eastern part. Snorkeling and Diving is the most popular activity on Gili Air. Area Snorkeling in Gili Air is located along the east side of the south and east of north. We can see colorful fish and coral reefs.

There are few quality scuba diving operators on Gili Air that you can trust as your diving guide.

For around the island, the only means of transport that can be used is Cidomo (horse carriage). Bicycle rentals are available in Gili Air. Regarding the price is everything tends to be more expensive because of all the food had to be brought from the mainland.