Gili Air is where you are heading if you want to have a really peaceful vacation with your families. This is the perfect gateway for anyone who want to stay away from the crowd and enjoy some alone time with himself and families. Gili Air itself is an island between Lombok and Bali. And if you know about Gili Trawangan, you would also know about Gili Air as it is in one archipelago. People usually take a cheap fast boat to Gili Air from Bali because this is the only way to get there. But we could cross from Lombok as well because it is definitely closer to Lombok.

Main Transportation

Because Gili Air is only a small island, the only way for people to visit it is by boat. There are so many operators of cheap fast boat to Gili Air that would be happy to help you. The booking of this transportation is also very easy because it could be done online. It means you do not need to waste anymore time and money because some of the operators provide cheap tickets. This is why cheap fast boat to Gili Air is the favorite choice of tourists.

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