Easy Way to Go to Gili Air From Bali is by Fast Boat

Gili Air is a small island close to Lombok, Indonesia. It is also a part of Gili Islands that consist of three islands; Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno, and also Gili Air. We might know a whole lot about Gili Trawangan but people are often not that familiar with Gili Air. However, if you are looking for some remote island experiences, this island would be the perfect choice for you. It is also very accessible because you just need to take a cheap fast boat to Gili Air from Bali, Lombok, or other parts of Gili Islands. It could take 1-1.5 hours from Bali.

Easy and Cheap Transportation

A cheap fast boat to Gili Air is the best option if you want to get there fast. However, because you need to cross the sea and it is kind of unpredictable sometimes, you need to choose the right time to cross there. However, it is actually considered the easiest way to go to Gili Air because it is a small island surrounded by the sea so it does not leave you any options of other transportations. These days, you could also book cheap fast boat to Gili Air online.

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