Eka Jaya Fast Boat provides 17.5 meter of fiberglass boats whereas those are certified internationally. Besides, those are also built to bear your surfing activity as well as to be your swift boats toward to Gili. The boat sizes are adjustable to meet all requirements of boating.  There are also provided spacious cabins of vessels which are specialized for people who dig sea activities. Moreover, the boats provided have constructions which are weather-proof. In addition, those have a good tenacity in which those are able to keep standing on whatever extreme weather conditions.

The boats have comfortable seats. It is important to pay attention carefully because we have a goal to give you the true convenient when on the boat.  Therefore, we only put the best materials for the seats for convenience. Furthermore, the seats are also outfitted with safety equipment to ensure your safety on the go including self-inflating life raft as well as life jacket for each passenger on each vessel. In that way, it is no matter whether you are going in a group or in a single one to do a trip either from Bali to Lombok or vice versa, it is definitely guaranteed that you will get a full protection.

For immensely advanced vessels, the one of the main components to support your wonderful activities in surfing is the high speed. When you take our vessel, you will reach that wonderful experience surfing easily. It is definitely the perfect vessel which meets your surfing needs regardless what you seek among the convenience, the full safety, the advanced technology or even the cool design for self-satisfaction. It is doubtless that your boating activities will be totally pleasant when you take the vessel presented by Eka Jaya Fast Boat.

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