Fast Boat Amed To Gili Trawangan, Gili Air and Lombok

Amed is the eastern tip of the coast of the island of Bali with its amazing beaches and underwater world. And for transfers from Amed to Gili Trawangan, Gili Air and Lombok or vice versa, you can use a fast boat which only takes 1 hour 15 minutes. There are two fast boat companies serving crossings from Amed to Gili Trawangan, Gili Air and Lombok, namely Free Bird and FreeBird Fast Cruise.

Please be advised that the port in Amed is currently closed. If you’re staying in the eastern region of Bali and wish to travel to Gili Islands or Lombok, we recommend using the Padang Bai port instead. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

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Gili is a term for small islands in the Lombok region, where there are three Gili islands which are very famous in foreign countries for the beauty and uniqueness of the island of Gili Lombok.

The three famous Gili Islands are Gili Trawangan Island, Gili Meno Island and Gili Air Island.

Gili Trawangan Island the most visited island because it has complete accommodation, ranging from hotels, restaurants, shops, transportation, and attractive locations to relax and enjoy the beauty of the stunning white sand beaches.

Gili Meno Island is a suitable destination for those of you who want to honeymoon, or are looking for peace and away from the crowds, accommodations that are quite far away and a quiet island. It might be quite difficult to find transportation on Gili Meno, but accommodation can help you get the means of transportation in Gili Meno.

Gili Air Island has a view that is almost similar to Gili Trawangan Island, both have beautiful beach views and there are several water activities that you can enjoy on Gili Air.

Fast Boat Schedule and Time Table of FreeBird Fast Boat

Fast Boat Departure From Amed to Gili’s and LombokTrip 9.30 AM
Fast Boat Departure From Gili Trawangan to AmedTrip 10.45 AM
Fast Boat Departure From Gili Air to AmedTrip 11.00 AM
Fast Boat Departure From Bangsal Lombok to AmedTrip 11.30 AM

Currently Fast Boat only has 1 trip from Amed to Gili and Lombok and 1 trip from Gili and Lombok to Amed with Freebird Fast Cruise

Promo Fast Boat Amed to Gili Island

Price From Amed to Gii Trawangan, Gili Air, and Bangsal Lombok

  • One Way Trip : IDR 425.000/Person
  • Return Trip : IDR 825.000/Person
  • Special Infant under 2 years old FREE of charge

Inclusions : Hotel Transfer in Bali , Fast Boat Transfer and On board Facilities. 

For question and Reservation don’t hesitate to chat with Whatsapp Messenger.

Fast Boat Transfer Service is the best solution to go to Gili’s Island. It takes about 1 hour 15 minutes to cross the ocean to reach Gili Trawangan, Gili Air and the last to Bangsal Lombok from Amed harbour. This service is very safe because the boat used is equipped with various safety facilities such as life jacket, life raft, life ring and various other security equipment.

Hotel Transfer Service in Bali

if you are in the east Bali area to be precise in the Amed and Tulamben areas, the shuttle pick up service can pick you up from the hotel to the Amed pier where the fast boat will depart to Gili Trawangan, Gili Air and Lombok. If your hotel in Amed and Tulamben area (Free pick up area), if your hotel outside of free pick up area we can help to pick you up from your hotel to Amed pier with extra shuttle fee or extra private car.

Pick up area and pick up time at Hotel in Bali

Pick up areaPick up timeFree / Extra Charge
Amed Sharing 8.00-9.00 amFree
Tulamben Sharing8.00-9.00 amFree
Candidasa Sharing (max 4 person/car) 6.00-7.30 amIDR 350.000/ Pax/Way
Sidemen Sharing (max 4 person/car) 6.00-7.30 amIDR 400.000/ Pax/Way
Tirtagangga Sharing (max 4 person/car)7.00-8.00 amIDR 150.000/ Pax/Way
Tenganan Sharing (max 4 person/car)6.00-7.30 amIDR 350.000/ Pax/Way
Candidasa Private (max 4 person/car)6.00-7.30 amIDR 500.000/ Pax/Way
Sidemen Private (max 4 person/car)7.00-8.00 amIDR 700.000/ Pax/Way

If you have questions about pick up area and extra pick up area, don’t hesitate to chat with Whatsapp Messenger. 


Then after arriving at the port we will check-in and complete all administration including payments if there are any that have not been paid off. After everything is finished we will wait for the Fast Boat’s departure time.

If you have questions, don’t hesitate to chat with Whatsapp Messenger.

The Amed Fast Boat departure schedule to Gili Island is only recommended for those whose hotels are on the easternmost side of Bali.

If your hotel is in the South Bali area such as Kuta, Seminyak, Jimbaran, Ubud, Sanur, or Canggu and Uluwatu it will be closer if you depart from Padang Bai port to Gili. Following are the departure schedules and prices from Padang Bai to the Gili Islands