Fast Boat Is The Best Choice For Your Trip To Gili Island

Fast Boast is the cheapest and fastest option to get The Gili Island from Bali. Let”s compare!

If we use Fast Boat we will spend only IDR 300,000/One Way. That has included shuttle service hotel in Bali. To reach Gili, we only need a 1.5 hour drive on land and 1.5 hours at sea. So with 3 hours trip we will arrive at Gili or Lombok.

If using a plane we will spend more money and time to reach the Gili.
Ilustration Cost :
Airticket Rp.400,000
Taxi to Airport Rp. 45,000
Airport Tax Rp. 30,000
Taxi Mataram – T.Kode Rp. 100,000
Transfer boat T.Kode – G.Trw Rp.150,000
Total Rp.725,000 And surely the time spent will be longer and more difficult because they have several times changed the vehicle .