Gili Getaway Fast Boat From Padang Bai to Gili’s/Lombok

Gili Getaway Fast Boat From Padang Bai to Gili’s/Lombok

The Gili Islands and Lombok Island dazzle travelers with their clear waters, white beaches, and abundant marine life. Gili Trawangan buzzes with energy, Gili Meno offers tranquility, and Gili Air harmonizes the two. Diving and snorkeling here can bring you face-to-face with turtles and tropical fish. Lombok boasts varied landscapes, with the impressive Mount Rinjani offering breathtaking trekking experiences. Its beaches are stunning, and the culture is rich, with local artisans preserving the Sasak traditions. Together, these islands provide a rich tapestry of experiences, from adventurous treks to peaceful beach relaxation. There are some boats that have destination to Gili’s/Lombok Island, such as Gili getaway Fast Boat.

Gili Getaway Fast Boat From Padang bai to Gili's/Lombok

Gili Getaway Fast Boat distinguishes itself as the premier transport service connecting Bali Island with the lesser-known yet captivating Gili Gede. With departures from the easily accessible Serangan Port, this fast boat not only makes stops at the popular Gili Trawangan and Gili Air but also includes the scenic escapes of Bangsal Lombok, Nusa Lembongan Island, and Nusa Penida in its route.
With an unwavering commitment to passenger comfort, Gili Getaway equips its vessels with a host of amenities. Whether you’re looking to indulge in the tranquility of the sea or simply want a comfortable seat as you sail across the blue waters, they’ve got you covered. The crew aboard Gili Getaway is more than just skilled navigators; they’re warm and attentive hosts, seasoned in creating a welcoming atmosphere for all on board.
Understanding the unpredictability of the ocean, especially in the Lombok Strait, Gili Getaway remains flexible with departure times, always willing to adjust schedules in the interest of safety. This vigilance ensures that your journey won’t just be a trip from one place to another, but a smooth, enjoyable experience that begins with your safety and comfort in mind, setting the standard for sea travel in the region.

Gili Getaway Specifications

  • Capacity: passengers
  • Top Speed: 38 knots
  • Average cruising speed: 30 knots
  • Engine: 4 x 250hp Suzuki outboard motor
  • Crew: 4 people with fully licensed
  • Sundeck with a capacity of 10 people

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