Gili Getaway Fast Boat is the sole operator providing transportation services from Bali Island to Gili Gede. This fast boat departs from Serangan Port and stops at Gili Trawangan, Gili Air, Bangsal Lombok, Nusa Lembongan Island, and Nusa Penida.

Gili Getaway aims to ensure the comfort of its passengers by offering various additional facilities onboard. The boat crew accompanying the passengers during the journey are friendly and experienced. Additionally, Gili Getaway is committed to rescheduling departures if the sea conditions in the Lombok Strait are deemed hazardous, prioritizing the safety and comfort of the passengers.

Boat Facilities

  • Cold towel
  • Snacks during the trip
  • Sunblock cream
  • Restaurant facilities during check-in
  • Adult life jackets
  • Baby Solas Life Rafts
  • Lifebuoys and EPIRB floating rings
  • First Aid Kit
  • Insurance

Boat Equipments

  • Electronic Radio Beacon Position Indicator
  • GPS and long-range VHF distress radio signal
  • Parachute flares
  • Hand-held red flares 
  • Floating smoke flares
  • Fire extinguisher

Departure Schedule

Serangan 🢧 Gili / LombokGili / Lombok 🢧 Serangan
08.30 AM11.00 AM
Serangan 🢧 Penida Penida 🢧 Serangan
09.00 AM12.00 PM
10.00 AM01.00 PM
Penida 🢧 Gili Gede Gili Gede 🢧 Penida
09.30 AM (Every Friday)11.00 AM (Every Friday)
10.45 AM (Every Monday & Wednesday)12.00 PM (Every Mondat & Wednesday)
Serangan 🢧 Gili GedeGili Gede 🢧 Serangan
09.00 AM (Every Friday)11.00 AM (Every Friday)
10.00 AM (Every Monday & Wednesday)12.00 PM (Every Monday & Wednesday)

Note : For more details will be given when making a reservation, or you can contact our Costomer Service by Whatsapp.

Gili Getaway Fast Boat Service

Convenience of Hotel Pick-up

For passengers seeking convenience and ease, Gili Getaway Fast boat also offers hotel pick-up service with additional cost. This service allows passengers to be picked up directly from their hotel and transported to the port. With this service, passengers can avoid the hassle of finding additional transportation and enjoy a comfortable journey to the port.

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