Fast Journey to the Gili Islands

Lombok Private Speedboat is a great choice for those who want a quick and private crossing to Gili Trawangan, Gili Air, and Gili Meno from Lombok. Enjoy a private journey with only your family members on board, taking just 10 to 15 minutes to your destination.

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Enjoy a Quick Journey with a Private Speed Boat

Speedboat Bettwen Gili Trawangan & Teluk Nare (Lombok)

start idr 250.000/person

Speedboat Bettwen Gili Air & Teluk Nare (Lombok)

start idr 250.000/person

Speedboat Bettwen Gili Meno & Teluk Nare (Lombok)

start idr 250.000/person

Why Choose Us?

Exceptional Destinations

Whether you are looking for the serene beaches of Bali, the adventurous dirt bike trails in Lombok, or the unique whale shark encounters in Sumbawa, we have something special for every traveler.

Expert Local Guides

Our team of local guides are not only experts in their respective regions but also passionate about sharing the rich culture, history, and hidden gems of these beautiful islands

Customized Tours

Whether you seek adventure, relaxation, cultural immersion, or a bit of everything, we can create the perfect itinerary just for you

Safety and Comfort

Our staff is trained to provide a safe and enjoyable experience, so you can relax and focus on making memories

Outstanding Customer Service

We pride ourselves on our responsiveness and dedication to ensuring you have a smooth and enjoyable travel experience

Sustainable Tourism

You are supporting a travel company that cares about preserving the natural beauty and cultural heritage of Bali, Lombok, and Sumbawa.


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