MotoGP 2023: Mandalika Circuit in Lombok shines as the newest gem on the racing calendar. Mark the dates, 13-15 October 2023! For those journeying from Bali, a fast boat provides a scenic and swift passage, uniting the splendors of two iconic islands. This pinnacle of motorsport doesn’t just boost Indonesia’s stature as a top-tier tourist hotspot, but it intertwines the thrill of high-speed racing with breathtaking natural allure. Whether you’re an avid race fan or simply seeking an electrifying experience, Mandalika, conveniently accessible from Bali, should be on your must-visit agenda

How's the best way to get there?

By Plane: This option is suitable for those who want a quick journey. From Bali, there are several domestic flights serving routes to Lombok. However, take into account the waiting time at the airport, the check-in process, and the additional transportation from the airport to Mandalika.

Using a Fast Boat: This choice is perfect for those who want to experience a soothing sea journey while enjoying the beautiful views between Bali, Nusa Penida, Nusa Lembongan, Gili Islands, up to Bangsal Lombok. Opting for a fast boat allows you to avoid the hassle of airport check-in and directly feel the Lombok atmosphere upon arrival, letting you swiftly enjoy Mandalika Circuit’s beauty.

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