Scoot Fast Cruise From Sanur to Gili’s/Lombok Island

Scoot Fast Cruise From Sanur to Gili’s/Lombok Island

Gili Island ranks as a favored spot in Indonesia, situated northwest of Lombok. This destination encompasses three tiny islands bordered by coral – Gili Air, Gili Meno, and Gili Trawangan – all boasting magnificent white sand beaches, translucent waters, coral reefs, vividly hued fish, and the finest snorkeling opportunities in Lombok. Particularly appealing to young Europeans, the islands offer the simple joys of sunshine, snorkeling, stunning shores, and lively social scenes. Tehere are many fast boat go to Gili’s/Lombok Island from Sanur, Such as Scoot Fast Cruise.

Scoot Fast Cruise From Sanur to Gili's/Lombok Island

Scoot Fats Cruise, a speedy marine transport provider, facilitates daily round trips between Bali and the Gili Islands, making stops at Nusa Lembongan, Senggigi (Lombok), Gili Trawangan, Gili Air, and Gili Meno along the way. The service is based out of Sanur.
Furthermore, Scoot Fast Cruise schedules up to four departures daily to Nusa Lembongan from Bali. Beyond these services, Scoot Cruise extends both half-day and full-day excursion options on Nusa Lembongan, featuring activities such as snorkeling, rides on banana boats, tours in glass-bottom boats, and package tours around the island. All departures for these fast boat services are from Sanur, Bali.

Scoot Fast Cruise Specifications:

  • Length: 14 meters
  • Beam: 4 meters
  • Drought: 3 meters
  • Engine: 5×250 HP Yamaha 4 stroke outboards
  • Speed Max: 40 knots
  • Type: Mono Hull
  • Passengers: 65 including crews
  • Year Built: 2014
  • Gross Tonnage: 4 tones dry ship
  • Deadweight tonnage: 8 tones

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