When luxury meets maritime innovation, the result is the MV. Semaya Darma Jaya 9 and MV. Semaya Darma Jaya 11. These two ferries, made from lightweight yet durable aluminum, are now making new history by integrating the power of Rolls Royce (MTU) engines into their design.

Aluminum ferries are not new in the shipbuilding industry, but Semaya Darma Jaya takes this concept to a higher level. Constructed with aluminum, these ships are designed for optimal fuel efficiency and superior performance. The main specialty of the MV. Semaya Darma Jaya 9 and MV. Semaya Darma Jaya 11 is the use of two Rolls Royce MTU engines, each with a strength of 1800 hp, providing immense power and unparalleled reliability.

Key Features:

  • Aluminum Material: Utilizing the advantages of aluminum, these two ferries offer exceptional stability and durability while maintaining a lighter weight compared to steel ships.
  • Rolls Royce MTU Engines: Four engines from this leading brand ensure efficiency and speed, reducing travel time and enhancing passenger comfort.
  • Passenger Capacity: With an optimized design, these ships can carry hundreds of passengers, making inter-island travel more effective.

With this innovation, Semaya Darma Jaya reaffirms its position as a leader in the ferry industry. The MV. Semaya Darma Jaya 9 and MV. Semaya Darma Jaya 11 do not just transport passengers from one point to another, but also propel maritime travel into a brighter future by combining technology, comfort, and sustainability.

The inaugural departure of these vessels is highly anticipated, strengthening the Semaya Darma Jaya fleet in serving your sea travel needs. Prepare for an unforgettable experience on these high-tech aluminum ferries, as the MV. Semaya Darma Jaya 9 & MV. Semaya Darma Jaya 11 are ready to set sail soon.

Note: This article is designed based on available information and may require further verification for specific technical details.

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